Female-female Deal Of Blackjack Games


Magccc.com –¬†Edward O Thorp, the god of gambling on blackjack games have been given a special award in the hall of fame game of blackjack. Are there women who play blackjack players get the same respect?

Apparently none of the women receiving the award. Although their names are not in the hall of fame game of blackjack, they are the greatest blackjack player.

Here is the name of the great women of the blackjack game, namely:

Alice Worker – Champion Of World Series Of Blackjack

In 2007 at an event called the World Series Of Blackjack, Alice Worker beat 39 of the best blackjack player there in the world. He won first prize in this event the amount of US $ 500,000. Earlier in 2006, he won the national championship poker 3rd. With this remarkable achievement, Alice Walker right to be called as one of the world’s best card player.

Eleanore Dumont – the first professional blackjack player

Eleanore Dumont was born and raised in France. He is the first known professional players in the history of the game Agen Bola. In 1854, he came to the mining town of Nevada City, California and opened a casino blackjack game named Vingt-Et-Un.

At the casino, which he founded, he ruled that when the play should not use abusive language and fights. Although the players who played in the casino win or lose, he remained friendly and even treated them all with complimentary champagne. This friendliness makes miner of Nevada City rather lose in the casino than to be lost in the casino owned by others.

Cathy Hulbert

In 1976, at the age of 24 he decided to become a professional poker player with a move to the city of Las Vegas. His first job was as a blackjack dealer, and then his life changed after he came to know Peter. Peter taught him a trick called Card Counting.

To practice what he learned, he then joined the Czech team which notabenenya a special teams play blackjack in all casinos in Europe. Once satisfied getting experience in Europe with the Czech team, he returned to the United States and join the team of Ken Uston blackjack. Because of his shrewdness in this game, teams often get a victory in large quantities. As a result, he was banned from playing dikasino.

Eventually he returned to the first game that is poker. He became the only woman who entered into the list of the magazine card player for the card player 7 world. Various nicknames such as The Gambler did he get the Women In The World of Game Show Nework.

What can you conclude from the story above? Blackjack game that is dominated by the men it can also be played by women. Thank you for reading this article. Hopefully this article can inspire you.